About Us

Farm life, lots of outdoors and friend gatherings

Life is better around a crackling fire

In 2001 we moved to the US from Argentina. Our lives until then had been incredibly exposed to some of the best experiences that are typical of Argentina: we were born and raised in farms, learned to ride horses as kids, worked with cattle and bred polo horses.

The outdoor life in Argentina is part of the culture and, as such, lots of moments are usually shared with friends and family around a fire with a glass of wine, whilst cooking great asados (Argentinian bbq's).

In Argentina, an asado is not necessarily defined as a meal but as a party, a gathering of friends. The party starts when the fire is lit and friends arrive. Whilst the meat is being slowly cooked over the fire, platters of cheese and charcuterie are shared together with good music, chatter and red wine. When the grass-fed meat is served, the party continues around the table, near the fire, and usually keeps going for hours.

This is the definition of a good time. Every time. 

Since we arrived in the US we knew that the Asado tradition would always be in our lives. It is also what moved us to share our joy around the fire by creating our grills, which are a perfect mix of the Argentinian tradition and American history.