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We make unique grills that merge Argentine style grilling hardware with vintage American railroad carts

The first time we saw a Lineberry railroad cart we knew that we had to create a grill to put on top of it. We experimented with several designs until we came up with the onr what we thought was special because it represents both the Argentinian tradition and American heritage.

This combination yields a cool and versatile grill that not only looks great but also performs well and can be moved from one area of your outdoors to another.

The Lineberry carts

For much of the 1900s, Lineberry Foundry and Machine Co. based in Wilkesboro, N. Carolina, produced carts made of red and white oak with cast iron wheels, bolts and plates. to furniture, textile and other factories across the Southeast. They were also called railroad carts because they were originally used in train stations for transporting baggage. Most of these factories closed down since, but the sturdy Lineberry carts used in them to move parts and materials are now in great demand for restoration and use as residential interior design objects.

Grill Fabrication and Cart Restoration Process

The basic steps of working on restoring factory cart castings and hardware are to begin by dissembling all of the parts; clean them of dirt, rust, grease, and paints; make repairs if needed; and then apply a suitable finish.

To clean the castings and other hardware parts there are several processes and one of them may include removing paint. Special finishes are used to treat and restore the original black to the metal castings and hardware.

In terms of Grill fabrication, we use heavy-duty steel that is welded and then given 4 coats of anti-rust, primer and high-temperature paint.

For the grate we use 3/8″ stainless steel rods and 1-1/2″ x 1″ 14GA rectangular tube. 

The Grills

Our grills are designed to cook meats, fish and vegetables over red hot coals in the style of the Argentine Asado. 

They are equipped with a side fire box that hangs from the side wall. Once the embers are produced, they fall on the metal floor and are moved to the side, under the cooking grate.

The coking grill is provided with adjustable height, which allows for temperature control needed for different types of meat and to tale into account the varying caloric power of different types of wood.

We use stainless steel round rod for the cooking grate. Compared with V grate cooking surface, the round rods allow for the melting fat to drip and get in touch with the embers. This produces a perfect smokiness in the meat.


Our Grills come in Standard Sizes: Ash 48 X 24 X 12, Birch 54 X 24 X 12, Pecan 60 X 24 X 12, custom size firebox.

  • 1/4″ Steel Plate Bottom and Sides
  • 3/8” Stainless Steel Round Rod Grate
  • Adjustable Grill Grate Height
  • Handwheel or Hand Crank to adjust height
  • Firebox Dimensions: Ash 48x24x12, Birch 54x24x12, Pecan 60x24x12, Custom
  • Original Restored Lineberry Cart
  • Made by hand in USA.